Photography: The impossible project

In 2008 when Polaroid announced the end of instant film, Impossible maned up and brought the last remaining factory, weeks before it closed. The machines had been dismantled, there were no formulas to follow and the supply chain had already been destroyed. If they wanted to keep instant photography alive, they had to reinvent instant film from scratch. Its fair to say they've done a great job so far...

Our Picks For Instant Photography

Impossible Refurbished '80s-Style Polaroid 600 Camera and Film Set

Refurbished 1980's instant camera comes complete with a built-in flash, focus-free lens and slider to adjust exposure. The front end folds when not in use for lens and shutter protection. The collection includes two full-colour films so you can get snapping right away. 

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Polaroid Snap Touch Black Instant Digital Camera

The instant camera with all the added functionality of a digital camera from the experts at Polaroid cameras. This features an LCD touchscreen and tons of features to make it easy to snap the best pics. Prints smudge-proof pictures instantly. 

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Black Camera

Amazing snaps in an instant; Fujifilm's Instax Mini 8 camera takes great quality, credit business sized photos and its pocket-friendly bubble design makes it easy to handle and transport. Comes complete with automatic flash and exposure compensation controls!

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